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Baron Scarpia
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So, what's your name?

That's classified information.

Your location?

Also classified.

Well, how old are you?

Hovering somewhere around my mid-twenties, but I'm not going to get more specific than that here.

You're no fun.

Isn't anonymity wonderful? But seriously, does the world need another blog that merely lists events like going to the dentist or to the supermarket? Do you really want to hear about what cereal I had for breakfast this morning? Where's the mystery in that?

So what's this LJ for?

Mainly for reviews of films I have watched, books I have read, and random thoughts about things going on in the world. I'm working on the basis that few people would be interested in me getting soaked on the way to town, and if you do, then you're probably a friend I've already whined to in an email. It's almost guaranteed that some personal information will seep through (There are some films I'll never review, simply because they reveal too much about me), but hopefully I'll be able to keep my petty concerns out of the picture for the most part. For more info on what will be here, you could always have a gander at my first couple of entires.